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From noise to signal:

“As it becomes clear what your company truly stands for, communication, marketing, projects, products and services will amplify each other and accelerate business.”

The scientific model of singularity defines an organization’s authentic purpose. In numerous projects Singularity brought decisive progress for strategy and management, for brand and marketing, for people and leadership development.

What we do

What you get

We identify an organisation’s unique communicative and cultural patterns: it’s singularity.

Individual cultural principles will immediately impact decisions and amplify the business.

A natural distinction from the competition becomes visible and usable.

Communication, products and services start to raise more trust and strengthen loyalty.

Using a company’s singularity we create a stable frame of reference and empower the company to exploit its full potential by leveraging the company’s singularity drivers.

The organization’s strengths become clear and accelerate business as active and concrete drivers.

Unconscious patterns become visible, a new understanding arises of why successful projects are successful and why failures were not.

Strategy, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, innovation, brand design and everyday rituals will reflect the full potential of the company.

We coach companies and executives, accompany strategies and projects.

Projects reinforce each other.

Employees experience how the specifics of everyday life contribute to the big strategy. This drives loyalty, motivation and trust.

The public, customers and investors perceive the company clearly and future-oriented.

The customer journey will foster trust, experience and loyalty.

More than 90% of your company’s language is truly unique.

We make use of this fact to create clarity, uniqueness and trust.

An example

From our research on the uniqueness of luxury brands.

François Pinault and Bernard Arnault have only 7% matching communication when they refer to their companies, markets, products and customers.


Patrick Mathieu,
Researcher Singularity

Prof. Tim Bruysten,
Transformation and Change

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